TPC in Pre-K &
Elementary School

Little Lessons
for Big Hearts

A social and emotional intelligence program consisting of six 45-minute sessions where children meet and interact with puppets, Moe and Ellie.

Through engaging story time, songs, conversation and crafts, children will learn:

  • about kindness and how to be kind to each other
  • how to recognize and name emotions
  • practical ways to manage their anger
  • to appreciate differences
  • how to recognize and stand up to bullying
  • to cultivate positive self image

Ages: 3-7

Program length: 6 sessions (45 minutes each)


Stop Think Ask Resolve

A classroom-based social and emotional program that strengthens students’ character while also helping to create bully-free classrooms. The program is based on developing physical, emotional and moral safety in the classroom that contributes to a positive, peaceful school climate.

Students learn how to:

  • strengthen classroom community
  • identify and manage emotions
  • build empathy
  • practice problem solving
  • stand up to bullying

Grades: 2-4

Program length: 5 sessions (45 minutes each)


Celebrating Me, Celebrating You

A classroom-based program that teaches students to be compassionate members of a diverse community. Fear of difference often leads to bullying. By teaching students to celebrate differences, we can help them participate in a global world with courage and kindness.

Students learn how to:

  • strengthen classroom community
  • stand up to bullying or prejudice
  • build empathy
  • develop stronger self-esteem
  • practice respectful dialogue

Grades: 4-5

Program length: 5 sessions (45 minutes each)


A school-based social/emotional support program for referred elementary and high school students.

Within an encouraging classroom environment, students learn essential life skills such as:

  • empathy
  • communication
  • problem solving
  • decision-making