Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Provides guidance to help manage disagreements in neighborhoods, businesses, or with family

Staff Training

Provides recommendations for educators. Topics include bullying awareness, conflict management, and restorative justice.  Adaptable for both small business employers and employees, as well as other organizations.

Racial Equity Workshops

Embracing diversity and cultural humility brings a deeper understanding of how race, culture, ethnicity, and biases affect the way we view and interact with each other.

Building Bridges: Talking Across Divides

A 2-hour workshop that helps participants develop styles and strategies for more effective communication.


Designed for parents of teenagers who may be experiencing challenges in their relationships.  The program focuses on topics, such as communication, listening with empathy, anger management, cooperation, and difficult subjects, such as substance abuse and teen suicide.

Democracy Circle

Presentations and facilitated conversations about social justice topics to create more open, just, and safe communities.

One Book-One Bucks

Quarterly book discussions led by special guest facilitators.


Supportive Alliance for
Family Empowerment

Helps men, women and youth learn how to prevent and stop violence and abuse and create the life they love without hurting other people. SAFE strives to end Interpersonal Violence and Intimate Partner Violence and to promote holistic Wellbeing by providing compassionate individual and group treatment in a safe and supportive environment.